6 * Liquid Crystal Displays, Flat Panal Displays, Micro Displays

Sol-Grid Technology: Non Lens Applications

Liquid Crystal (LC) Displays, Micro Displays, and Electro-Optical Shutters and Attenuators, Ferro Electric Technologies.

Sol-Grid's Patent Pending Electro-Optical Shutter/ Attenuator technology can be used in applications where light must be rapidly switched on/off or where the polarization state of light needs to be switched.  Sol-grid’s simplified shutter design advances the state of the art.

Simplified design and structure: Sol-Grid, the future of Electro -Optical devices.

Advanced or Next Generation Liquid Crystal LC designs can be developed using Sol-Grid's simplified design enabling higher performance and lower cost. 

Simplicity at the speed of light


    Simplified structure

    Fewer layers

    Highest Light Transmission

    High contrast

    Ultra Fast Switching

    Robust Durability,

    Non Fading

    Reflective and Absorptive Polarizers


One look is all it takes to see the advantages of the Sol-Grid design.

For more information or to discuss the potential advantages of Sol-Grid technology for your applications, please contact us.

Sol-Grid: The most advanced Electro-Optical technology available anywhere.

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