Sol-Grid Photo and Electrochromic

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Faster transition response time. Change density in miliseconds not minutes.*

Extended density range. Starts lighter, Gets darker.

Variable density lens designs. Automatic and Selective density control variations.

Superior operational temperature range. Less sensitive to temperature and weather variations.

Integrated heat dispersion. Eliminates “hot spots” and maintains a more consistent and even density.

Color changing capability. It is now possible to produce a lens that can change its visible color - on demand.

Applications - Electrochromic

3D Viewing and Near Eye Displays. Sol-Grid's lightning fast Electrochromic shutter is the perfect answer for today's 3D and stereoscopic applications.

Special Purpose Eyewear. Advanced Sunglass and Goggle designs.

Automatic Welding Goggles. Lightning fast response enables Sol-Grid LC devices to protect and preserve vision by sensing an intense light source and automatically reduce it to a predetermined level.

Battlefield Goggles and Smart Windows. Blast and laser protection, automatically detected and compensated, preserving vision.

Sol-Grid: The most advanced Photo and Electrochromic technology available anywhere.

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