Sol-Grid Polarized

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High efficiency polarizer: Up to 99.9% efficiency with less defects, aberrations, or "hot spots".

Film-Less polarized technology: Sol-Grid eliminates the need for PVA film by applying the             polarizing filter directly on the substrate or laminate.

Perfect azimuth preservation:  Unlike conventional polarized lens technology, the directionality and orientation of Sol-Grid’s nanowire grid pattern can be controlled and compensated for virtually any base curve and geometry across the entire field of vision, even on high base curve lenses or complex torics.

Sunglass Demo at right:  Note VLT and contrast.

High visible light transmission (VLT) Up to an estimated 85% visible light transmission*  Only Sol-Grid polarized technology can offer a potentially tint-less / virtually clear polarized lens.

Tint-free lens variations: Imagine a tint-less polarized lens, we did.  The world asked for a clear Rx-able prescription lens.  We listened. Only Sol-Grid technology offers the potential of a virtually clear "tint-less" High VLT lens.

Sol-Grid Demo Polarized lens on Reader

Precision manufacture: Current technology yields less than perfect results.  In today’s world you should expect more.  With Sol-Grid you get more, - more control -  more options. Sol-Grid's nanowire application is precisely controlled taking the guess work out of the manufacturing process.

Built-In rear surface AR (Anti Reflective) treatment: Sol-Grid’s AR is built into the structure of the lens, and is over 98% effective in reducing rear bounce-back reflection. 

Customizable performance:  Sol-Grid allows unrivaled versatility and customization of performance and features.  Choose your substrate and geometry.  Choose high or low density, with or without AR and IR or anything in between.  It’s your choice. 

Applicable to virtually any Base Curve, Lens Geometry or Substrate:  Spherical, cylinders, torics, shields - any shape, any material, any size.  Sol-Grid polarizers can be applied to almost any structure or substrate you can imagine.

Predictable Production Yields: Due to ultra modern manufacturing processes and precision production methods, usable yields of Sol-Grid polarized lenses can be more accurately predicted.

Low Cost Manufacture: Precise and Predictable methods of manufacture keep production costs low.

Special lens options

Variable and multi axis polarizers:  Advanced lens designs for special needs.  Sol-Grid is not limited to unidirectional patterns as are PVA film based polarizers.  Sol-Grid nanowires are precisely applied giving you lens design options limited only by your imagination. 

Photochromic polarizer variations:  Sol-Grid technology offers the unique possibility to offer a photochromic polarizer.  Not just a combination photochromic and polarized lens, but a lens that becomes polarized when exposed to light.  

Gradient and area polarized lens designs: Sol-Grid polarized lenses can be made as a partial polarizer with half the lens polarized and half the lens left un-polarized or any degree or combination desired.

Dielectric and mirror variations:  Sol-Grid’s technology include many "built-in" tint and mirror options, making Sol-Grid the most customizable and versatile polarized lens technology available. 

No size limitations:  Sol-Grid is not limited to existing lens blanks. Sol-Grid can be applied to virtually any substrate at any size or shape, even panels.

Sol-Grid: The most advanced polarized lens technology available anywhere.

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